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Wearable Art

Wearable Art

We’ve probably all seen those runway pictures of models wearing things you could never wear on a normal day. But that’s the point; it’s called Wearable Art. And, it comes in many different variations; but what is it exactly?

What is wearable art?

Wearable art is also known as “artwear” is always made by hand. You can actually wear the pieces but they are mostly seen in exhibitions. Wearable art is an aesthetic that comes purely from the artist itself. It’s a serious business rather than thinking: how could someone wear this? The artwork is totally different from the mainstream fashion world, but it’s still related to it. Wearable art comes many forms like sculptural, knitted, leather, weaving, dyeing, and sewing and
many others.


Wearable art


When did Wearable art appear?

Wearable art appeared in the 60s, grew in the 70s and grew further in the beginning 2000s. Some of the most iconic pieces are from Viktor and Rolf as seen in their fall couture show from 2015. And don’t forget the master of Wearable Art – Alexander Mcqueen. Mcqueen created countless groundbreaking performances in this very art form.

Wearable Art


An artist who is upcoming in the contemporary field is Daniel Arsham. You probably know him from his collaborations with footwear brands like Adidas. But he has done a project that is literally art that’s wearable.

Would you like to see for yourself? Daniel Arsham’s work can be seen in Moco Museum!

What’s also cool is the brand Hacked By from van Slobbe and van Benthum. This brand is not particularly associated with this very contemporary industry, but their pieces are innovative. This is in a way that they find their origin in problems but thinks in opportunities. They do not believe in fast fashion and do believe in sustainability and equality.


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