Vegan design

Vegan design is the future

In the fashion industry it’s already a thing: vegan boots, vegan purses or belts. But the artworld is also picking up with the vegan trend. What is Vegan design and what does it look like?

Vegan design

Vegan design is an art form where the artist works with different kind of materials. Those materials are not only vegan but they’re, most of the time, also sustainable. The art form is mostly seen in installations but also can be seen in small statues. Some artists want to make a statement with their vegan art so more people will talk about the environment and veganism.

In 2016, the artist Erez Nevi Pana introduced Vegan design to the Dutch Design week. His art, called “Salt”, are stools covered in…literal salt. The salt comes from the Dead Sea. The point of his artwork is to make a long-lasting furnishing, which is also a design piece and not made with an animal basis. Erez Nevi Pana made another collection in 2018 but not only with stools. The artist made more artwork where you can’t even see what’s behind the salt. The message behind is groundbreaking somewhat important for the future of art.

Vegan design

Another Vegan art piece is “Elkebana”. The artists Fabio Milito and Paula Studio created a Vegan art piece which is a bit of a wink to the people hunting on animals. They also call it “a wall trophy suitable for vegans”. The look a like antlers are actually branches in glass vases. Instead of the branches, the artists also but flowers and other plants in these vases.


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