Top Artists on Instagram

Top artists on Instagram

Instagram is the app where you can find beautiful pictures of holidays, cute pets and delicious food. It’s also a great app for finding inspiration. There are thousands of artists who exhibit their art on Instagram. You probably already follow the big names, but up-coming artists are on Instagram as well. To help you find the top artists on Instagram we’ve made a list.

Martin Whatson

Street artist Martin Whatson shows the relationship between vulnerability and strength in his work. He does this by using grey ash tones of concrete and the bright colourful images and brush strokes. Whatson has as many works on walls as on canvas. His artwork can be found in Miami on the walls at Wynwood Walls and his work features with festivals, projects and walls all over the world. He has solo exhibitions of his work featured in cities from Tokyo to New York. He definitely belongs in the top artists on Instagram.

Top Artists on Instagram


We know Brian Donnelly better under his professional name KAWS. This American graffiti artist gets his inspiration from toys and makes paintings and sculptures in his own unique style. If you love art that you can recognize from comic books or cartoons then you should go and follow KAWS on Instagram. He is one of the top artists on Instagram and has more than 1,7 million followers. You will like the combination of cartoons that makes his artworks playful and fun.

One of the pieces in the sculpture garden of the Moco museum is Companion (Passing through) by KAWS. This is one of the few sculptures by KAWS in Amsterdam. In the garden of the Moco Museum you can admire one of these Companions from KAWS.

Top artists on Instagram kaws

Tyrell Winston, another top artist on Instagram

Tyrell Winston turns trash into art. He wants people to look at their trash in a new light. He works with cigarette butts, deflated basketballs and ruined nets. For him, these hold a personal history. In this way Winston is elevating the garbage of New York City into sculptures. He describes his work as ’embedded history’. With the hashtag ‘tyrellwinston’ you can find his unique artworks on Instagram. Check this post for more top artists that work with trash.

Top Artists on Instagram


Daniel Arsham

An artists who absolutely belongs in the list top artists on Instagram is Daniel Arsham. This New York-based artist makes a combination of art, architecture, design and performance. His artwork is not only exhibited on his Instagram account, for the first time you can see his work in the Netherlands. Moco Museum in Amsterdam is hosting Arsham’s solo show ‘Connecting Time’ until September 30th 2019.

Entering the installation spaces of this exhibition, such as Amethyst Ball Cavern, feels like stepping into an alternate reality. The show in the Moco museum also includes Arsham’s never before presented interactive installation Calcified Room. If you like a sneak peak of the exhibition you can follow Moco museum and top artist Daniel Arsham on Instagram.

Top Artists on Instagram


JR are the initials of a French photographer and visual artist. His exact identity is not known but he described himself as a ‘photograffeur’. He has more than 1,2 million followers on Instagram and that is for a reason. He does not only share pictures of his art and his exhibitions at different museums all over the world but also of his personal life. Many people are interested in the life of a famous artists and he gives us a sneak peak on his Instagram account. You can also see work of him at our Moco Museum.



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