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Creatives Are The New Athletes

TNO x Moco

The New Originals x Moco Museum

No longer a fresh newcomer on the scene, The New Originals‘ (TNO) prove again that they’re here in our hearts for the long run! 💕The latest collaboration between TNO x Moco Museum is a perfect example of how both are important voices in the Dutch creative-cultural landscape. Check out the collab result and reserve your limited edition merch while supplies last!

*Send an email to hello@mocomuseum.com

TNO x Moco Creatives Are The New Athletes


The New Originals is originally a collective of nine creative boys from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Their roots have allowed the boys to embrace and gather inspiration from the surrounding sources of music, nightlife, fashion, and other cultural streams. In 2015, they established TNO. Since then, they have dedicated their lives to making performance clothing for all personalities and body types. With this intention, they have made all their collections unisex. It’s time to challenge and defy gender norms and live our most authentic lives. 

TNO x Moco - Creatives Are the New Athletes

🔥Fire Fits 🔥

TNO knows there’s power in wearing what you love. However, comfort should not be sacrificed. Actually, they believe that what you wear should be enduring and empowering. The New Originals believe that when you truly begin to think free of boundaries new possibilities and opportunities come to you. 

“Our vision is to inspire and be inspired. We strive continuously to develop and innovate.”


Think Outside the Box

“[The New Originals] believe that everyone can maximize their creativity regardless of their background, by thinking out of the box.”

The 9 dots logo suggests a box but actually refers to a puzzle. In fact, it represents their way of thinking because sometimes thinking outside the box is what solves the puzzle. By connecting with a community of creatives, their mission becomes clear: to bring different backgrounds closer together and give creativity a stage.  

TNO x Moco Museum Hoodie


TNO and Moco Museum give creativity a platform for the world to enjoy. Furthermore, united by the wish to find new ways of connecting and making connections. Unsurprisingly, Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism by Studio Irma was the perfect setting for this inclusive collab.   

“We use the voice of the street and power of art to challenge the norm, champion the truth, open up minds, and question the world around us.” – Moco Founders (Kim & Lionel Logchies)

As it reads on the limited edition collaboration – CREATIVES ARE THE NEW ATHLETES. This statement resonates with our generation more than ever. Because experimentation is what not only drives and feeds the individual soul, but our connected society. Moco and TNO look to you, the creatives to think outside of the box and drive us to a place of unity and peace. Reserve your hoodie and/or socks by sending an email here. We’ll see you soon when we reopen on 1 June – Reserve your timeslot tickets now!

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