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Marcel Wanders, tempter, moco museum amsterdam

Take a Ride on Tempter

Marcel Wanders sculpture art

Within the garden of the Moco Museum in Amsterdam, visitors are greeted by several art pieces. Among these, there are two Marcel Wanders sculptures that capture the imagination. ‘Tempter’,  is an over-sized bronze rocking horse created in 2016 while ‘Portrait’ is a tall, perfectly balanced, egg sculpture launched in 2018. This beautiful rocking horse statue does not only look good, you can also take a ride on it!


Marcel Wanders Sculpture Art

‘Temper’ with its leather accents and curved base, is a dark object that looms large and intense. It is the embodiment of the wonderment of childhood – a time of unbridled imagination and fantastical possibilities. This rocking horse expresses features of a unicorn and invites visitors to reconnect to the magical moments of their youth. A dream at first sight, soon you sadly discover adulthood has arrested your imagination and the mobility of your unicorn dreams.

Across the garden from ‘Tempter’ is ‘Portrait’ – a piece as a gift from visitors of Amsterdam for the people of the city. At the museum shop you can acquire a reflective pin that represents your wishes. After your visit to the museum, place your wish pin into the sculpture. The full Portrait sculptures will be placed around the city in beautiful locations. A new Portrait will be placed at the garden of the Moco museum to be filled with new wishes.


Marcel Wanders Sculpture Art
Set atop a marble base, its gold finished copper wish pin is engraved to remind us of our eternal ambitions and of our belief that anything is possible. These eggs connect us as they reflect our wishes. This organic cork icon is thus designed with an interactive aspect in mind.
The sculpture represents the things residents and visitors to the city want for themselves in life. Gazing afar, the faces within the egg sculpture summon people’s enduring desire for their dreams to become reality.

Both of these large pieces stand out among the many featured in the museum’s garden representing each visitor’s personal and collective nostalgic past and aspirations for the future.

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