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3D Roy Lichtenstein room - Moco Museum
3D Roy Lichtenstein Room

3D Roy Lichtenstein room

Experience a 3D Roy Lichtenstein art installation

The Lichtenstein exhibition at Moco Museum Amsterdam shows a 3D interior room installation based on Lichtenstein’s painting “Bedroom at Arles”, which he made in 1992 after a postcard of Van Gogh’s famous “The Artist’s Room at Arles” (1888-89). A 3D installation of VAN GOGH ‘s painting was last presented at the Van Gogh museum in 2000.

This painting [Bedroom at Arles, 1992) was done after a postcard of the famous Van Gogh, The Artist’s Room at Arles, 1888 – 89.

Bedroom at Arles in Roy Lichtenstein’s words: “l’ve cleaned his room up a little bit for him; and he’lI be very happy when he gets home from the hospital to see that l’ve straightened his shirts and bought some new furniture. Mine is a rather large painting and his is rather smaIl (29” X 36”). His is much better, but mine is much bigger. Of course my work is an entirely different endeavor.

This is the only interior l have done from another painting. l think the contrast between my intention and Van Gogh’s is so enormous rhat there is humor in that difference. My principal interest is che extreme difference in style. Where the Van Gogh is so emotional. and feverish. and spontaneous, my work is planned and premeditated, and painfully worked out.

To translate an artist’s work into a cartoon style says something. lt seems to degrade the work by associating it with cheap reproduction. But from my point of view I am translating the Van Gogh into my style, which imitates cheap reproduction. l think the process is not so far from Picasso’s translations of Velasquez, which at the time they were done must have been seen as debasing the master.”


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