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The Moco Museum Garden

The Moco museum garden

What would you do if you found a huge red gummy bear in your garden? No, you’re not hallucinating – you’ve just stepped out into our adventurous garden. The Moco Museum focuses on modern, inspiring and contemporary art, you can find a lot of street art and sculpture art in our museum and in our Moco garden.

Moco Garden

At Moco, you’ll not only find fascinating art inside the museum, you can also see some mesmerizingpieces outside in the garden. The works displayed here change regularly and include famous names such as Dali, Banksy, Whisbe, Faile, Kaws and design legend Marcel Wanders. In this lovely part of the museum we showcase new pieces and sculptures from around the world, so keep your eyes open and enjoy all the surprising artworks that surround you.

Moco museum garden

In the Moco Garden you can see magical sculptures pass by, including a huge red bear from Whisbe and Fidia’s ‘Freaky Mouse’. There’s a lot of sculpture art in and around the Moco museum. Currently you can see the ‘Connecting time’ exhibition by Daniel Arsham inside the museum. This exhibition is about sculpture art, architecture, fashion and design. In the Moco museum garden you can find sculpture art by KAWS, Whisbe and many more.

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