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Love Rat

Love Rat

What’s behind Banksy’s play on symbols

Through most of Banksy’s artworks you can find a strong play on symbols, such as

weapons, flowers, pigeons and foremost rats. They appear again and again in his artworks and can be seen as the perfect symbol for society’s outsiders. Banksy once stated:

“If you feel dirty, insignificant or unloved, then rats are the ultimate role model.”

We believe this to be true. You might not be pretty, you might not be valued, you might not be rich, but you are existing and you are surviving. This is exactly what rats are doing. They are existing and surviving all the time. You can not simply get rid of them, even though a lot of people would just like to wipe them out. They are finding their way and they are able to survive even under the hardest circumstances.

After 5 year Banksy did return to New York and this rat piece was found aside of several other great street pieces. You can find them all on our Instagram or take a look in real life at the Moco Museum Amsterdam.

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