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Have you ever seen those Instagram pictures with people lying in massive white ball-pits?
That’s Snarkitecture. Architecture with a hint of humor. This, based in New York, trio Alex
Mustonen, Daniel Arsham and Ben Porto are the men behind it all.

What is Snarkitecture?

This form of architecture is focused on the design of a space inside a building, not on the
building itself. With that they create a new imaginative effect. The collaborative practice has
no rules or boundaries in how crazy they get. But the fact that they like to get a little crazy
with it doesn’t mean that they are messy. All Snarkitecture’s constructions are plain white
and look perfectly neat with a minimal touch. Why the white? “It’s because people become
more engaged and start to look at the finer details. Almost like you want to touch it.” Said
Ben Porto in an interview with Freunde von Freunden. Which makes a lot of sense.



Behind Snarkitecture.

The practice always collaborates with people that have an architectural or art background
around the world for their Installations. There’s a lot of variety in the projects they do. For
example, they designed all the Kith stores in the U.S. and more. But that’s not all. They make
Ping-Pong tables and even customized a private jet. Co-founder Daniel Arsham does not only
have an interesting view on architecture but also does practice in film. His production
company “Film of the future”, found in 2014, combines all his creative views in a new
futuristic way. Last year, Arsham was named in the top100 list of influencers in the industry
by HypeBeast.

Where can you see these brilliant installations of Snarkitecture?

As for now the installations are only to be seen in the U.S. although the practice sometimes
makes an appearance on design week around the world. Snarkitecture is fun for all ages so if
you’re happen to be free on the weekend, don’t hesitate to bring your kids along.

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