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Pumpkin art by Yayoi

Pumpkin art by Yayoi

Yayoi Kusama is an artist famous for her dot art and of course her pumpkin art. Yayoi Kusama created pumpkin art all over the world. She loves creating pumpkin sculptures, paintings and even infinity rooms filled with pumpkins. We are going to tell you more about the pumpkin art by Kusama.

Pumpkin Art Yayoi Kusama

The first pumpkin art by Kusama

When Yayoi was in her teens, she created her first pumpkin artworks. She had an exhibition in Nagano and Matsumota in 1946, and the first pumpkin art she ever made appeared there for the first time. At that time she had a simple, pictorial style. This style changed when she moved to New York. In 1991 she created an installation Mirror room filled with pumpkins.

Open-air pumpkin art

One of the first public art sculptures on the Naoshima Island in Japan was pumpkin art made by Yayoi Kusama. She created a big pumpkin sculpture and placed it on the island. This was the first time Kusama made an open-air sculpture. In the following years she has made many open-air sculptures on different places all over the world from Japan to California and Korea, her art was everywhere.

Pumpkin art at Moco

If you want to admire pumpkin art from Kusama in real life you should really visit the Moco Museum in Amsterdam. From 22 March to 30 September 2019 the work ‘Pumpkin’ is shown inside the museum. Next to ‘Pumpkin’, you can also see ‘Night of Stars’ at Moco Museum. When you come to Moco you can find the two artworks dedicated to contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama on the first floor.

Do you also want to get inspired by Pumpkin art and Kusama’s dot art? Come and take a look at Moco Museum. Guaranteed that it will not disappoint you. Buy your tickets here.

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