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Pop Art Amsterdam

Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art turning to real life in Amsterdam

Imagine yourself walking through the city of Amsterdam. You go along the beautiful canals and watch the old houses pass by, but what is that…?

Seems like colourful points are moving through the city and you have just spotted them. While coming closer you notice it is a human being, but hold on: Somehow the human being looks like it has just jumped straight out of a comic. It is a young lady with a skin covered all over with dots. She has big blue eyes and her hair is of a bright yellow. Mysterious… She wears a red polka dot dress that shines in a bright red from afar. What could that be? You get closer and have the feeling like you’ve recognised her. That you kind of know her. You think again and then it all is crashing to your mind:

Pop Art Amsterdam Roy Lichtenstein

“This is Roy Lichtenstein! You know that lady from a painting!”

You look again and there is a second lady standing there. Her hair is of a shiny red. She is pointing out to something and smiling. You look to where she is pointing to and now you see a huge poster of the Moco Museum. There you see it written: ‘Roy Lichtenstein – Lasting Influence’. Now you know what is going on. You just stumbled into a film set of our Roy Lichtenstein commercial for the Moco Museum, Amsterdam.

Something like this could have happened when you walked around the city center. Two of our Moco girls were turning into real life Roy Lichtenstein figures and were filmed for six short clips to promote our new exhibition.

Come and enjoy Pop art in Amsterdam including Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

From the Pop artist Andy Warhol you can find several pieces of art through out the museum. The well known ‘marilyn monroe’ and ‘dollar sign’ can be seen inside the Moco museum. The ‘marilyn monroe’ piece is a collection of photographic screen prints. This technique became the most defining style of Andy Warhol. These portraits are definitely his most famous pop art works.

Pop Art Amsterdam Andy Warhol


Pop Art Amsterdam Andy Warhol

And of course there is the Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein room and crying girl to take a look at at the Moco Museum in Amsterdam. The Lichtenstein exhibition at Moco museum show a 3D interior room installation. He made the painting ‘Bedroom at Arles’ after a postcard of Van Gogh’s ‘The Artist’s Room at Arles’. The Roy Lichtenstein exhibition can be seen in de Moco museum.

Here you find another movie of the Pop art performance in Amsterdam.




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