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Kaws at Moco Museum in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

New Art Acquisition for Moco Museum

Moco Museum welcomes 2 Rare KAWSxCampana Artwork. The cutting-edge acquisition proves that Moco has its finger on the pulse of streetwise contemporary art. Skip the line, book your tickets online! Visit Moco Museum in Amsterdam to see new art by KAWS!  



KAWS is largely known for his – sometimes abstract – appropriation of pop culture figures. For example, the Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, and other childhood classics. The scope of his work includes paintings, sculptures, prints, fashion collaborations, collectible toys and…furniture design! As a matter of fact, his art is collected by Pharrell Williams, Tobey Maguire, Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, and Alicia Keys just to name drop a few. 



Fernando and Humberto Campana (Estudio Campana) design highly collectible, avant-garde, and eco-friendly furniture. The Brazilian brothers work in a similar fashion as the eco-couturier Ronald van der Kemp; partnering with local communities and using found materials to reinvent high-design, for instanceThe KAWSxCampana collaboration reimagines Estudio Campana ‘Banquete’ chair covered in the artist’s signature X-eyed plush toys. To point out, when the collab debuted at Design Miami 2018, it sold out in days! Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner copped one for baby Stormi. And furthermore, the prototype was reserved for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. 

New KAWS; Amsterdam, Campana; Snoopy Sofa 

KAWS ❤️ Snoopy

An extension of the KAWSxCampana collaboration features Snoopy! And it’s an ultra-contemporary pop dogpile of love! As one of the TOP-performing contemporary artists on the market, KAWS is thusly one of the most important artists of our time. When great minds meet, supreme heights are reached, and that is clear in Man’s Best Friend Sofa and Man’s Best Friend Chair. 

KAWS; Estudio Campana; Moco Museum; Snoopy; Sofa

Why collect art?

There are many reasons to start collecting. For example, it’s something you love, you hope it’s an investment, you just like the colors – these are ALL valid reasons. But collecting and sharing is a different story. Thankfully, Moco Museum is the private initiative of Lionel and Kim Logchies. With 20+ years of experience in the art world, their passion for modern and contemporary art drives them to exhibit art that is otherwise reserved for private collections. With the help of a carefully cultivated network, they have forever changed the art historical landscape of the Netherlands. 

Moco Museum is one of the TOP 20 Hashtagged Destinations in the Netherlands. And there’s a reason why; we keep things fresh and fun! Visit us on Museumplein in Amsterdam to experience an art collection that truly “sparks joy”. Fall in love with the Moco Masters and don’t forget to buy tickets to Moco in Amsterdam. See you there!


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