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Moco x Studio Irma - Moco Outside

What does an Augmented Reality World Look Like?

Moco Outside / Augmented Reality App

It has always been Moco’s mission to represent what’s happening on the streets and champion that voice. Moco continues to share the latest developments and innovations in art. Now, Moco Museum x Studio Irma introduce a Digital Open Air Museum on Museumplein – Moco Outside!

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Moco Outside is The Future!

The FREE augmented reality app from Moco Museum x Studio Irma exhibits digital installations that only you have the power to discover. In reality, the AR artworks appear on the screen of your phone when the app is open. Download it here and get exploring! Furthermore, the augmented art takes inspiration from Studio Irma’s digital immersive art exhibition, Reflecting Forward inside Moco Museum (buy your tickets here). Now, the artist puts the power of art in your hands, with Moco Outside.


Studio Irma

Diamond Matrix on Museumplein by Moco Outside

The Dutch contemporary artist searches for new ways of connecting art people with art. Studio Irma plays with our perception – a mix of thought and sight – in Moco Outside. You play the augmented reality app as a physical adventure. However, the result of every action is digital. Irma asks the question: if what you experience is new, but digital – is the experience any less real? By connecting us to virtual reality, Irma communicates a new phenomenon in art and society.

Moco Outside Digital Art Museumplein Amsterdam

Why we NEED this app

Indeed, we are living in a different time where social-distancing is part of our new, healthy normal. Yet, it’s important to remember that We Are All In This Together. Although we have limited tickets per time slot, Moco Museum intends to be the bridge that connects you with art.

Moco Outside is the free activity that transports you to a different reality. The augmented reality app embraces the unlimited power of art as it entertains you with constant elements of discovery. The time has come, for us to move toward a kinder and brighter future. Explore the outdoor digital art exhibition as we collectively come together and begin Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism.

Download the Moco Outside App

Artworks in the app

  • We All Live in Bubbles
  • Connect the Dots & Universe
  • Diamond Matrix
  • Rain
  • In art we trust
  • We Are All In This Together



Take the museum experience OUTSIDE! Nothing stands between you and art in Moco Outside. From the palm of your hand, tap into a new world. Send us selfies and photos of yourself using the app – we’ll see you Outside.

In art we trust.

Moco x Studio Irma - Moco Outside

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