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Moco Night Out - Open til 9PM with Live Music

Moco Night Out

What to do in Amsterdam on a Night Out? 

Well, there’s no doubt that Amsterdam by night is like nothing else! With sparkling lights that reflect over canal waters, it’s the romantic jewel many of us have come to call home.

What’s more, at the heart of Amsterdam on Museum Square is the Moco Museum, and it’s open daily!

Sunday – Thursday 10:00 – 19:00

Friday & Saturday 10:00 – 21:00 (With Live Music!)

The historic Villa Alsberg from 1904 houses Moco’s inspiring and enlightening collection of modern and contemporary art. Now, Moco Night Out is the idyllic getaway for all dreamers, night owls, art lovers, and lovers.


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Moco Night Out

Get Cultured, it’s Sexy!

Not only is a visit to Moco Museum an eye-opening experience, but you and your loved ones can experience this architectural treasure, designed by Eduard Cuypers, nephew of Pierre Cuypers (designer of the Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam Centraal Station). For that special date night, secure tickets for a night at the museum with Moco Night Out. 


We’re all in the mood for a melody

Currently, for Moco Night Out, we create an ambiance that’s simply unmatched. Friday & Saturday from 18:00 till closing, we have live music, courtesy of an exceptional piano man. Moco sets the tone for your unique museum experience. So, drift away with the sweet melodies and harmonies from your favorite tunes mixed and mashed while they tickle the ivories. 


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Late Night Extras!

Moco is a must-visit place in Amsterdam, whether you’re a local or wanderer. At this moment, for the time slots: 18:00 onwards – get discounted tickets that start from €14,50!

Moreover, when you book your visit for the last two time slots, you get a FREE art magnet. What better way is to remember an art-filled memory than with a free souvenir. 

What are you waiting for? Make memories and have a Moco Night Out!

Diamond Matrix by Studio Irma

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