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Moco Stairs by Artist Irma de Vries

Moco Museum’s Heavenly Stairs by Studio Irma

Moco Museum’s Heavenly Stairs by Studio Irma

Studio Irma (Irma de Vries) is a Dutch multi-talented, contemporary artist. She also doubled as the artist in residence at Moco Museum in Amsterdam, NL. Her latest solo-show is now on view at Moco – Reflecting Forward by Studio Irma.

Videomapping Legend

Irma de Vries reveals the rich powers of Augmented Reality and Videomapping (Projection Mapping) in her art. By tricking the human eye with large-scale projections, she amazes audiences worldwide. For example, in Amsterdam, she projected a videomapping story that covered the entire front façade of the Moses and Aaron Church.oth the EYE Film Institute and the Jewish Historical Museum. Both the EYE Film Institute and the Jewish Historical Museum supported the creation of this project.

You’re a Winner, Baby!

In 2015 Irma de Vries won the 1st Prize in Sibiu, Romania for her work on the Brukenthal Museum. Watch the video below. You won’t believe your eyes!🤩

In art we trust

The Gerrit Rietveld Alum strives for self-development by pushing new boundaries, reaching new heights, and exploring new materials and concepts. Though her body of work is diverse, each art piece communicates a message that art is healing.   

Moco, the modern and contemporary art museum in Amsterdam, aims to heighten museum-goers’ experiences. So, Irma de Vries transforms the historic monument – Villa Alsberg from 1904 – that houses Moco Museum and creates an environment that plays with our sense of sight and uplifts our hearts. 

Stairway to Heaven

Initially, Moco’s basement staircase presented an architectural challenge as it was dark and narrow. However, Irma’s inspiration saw her explore ways to illuminate this passageway. Using the psychological power of colors like skies of blue and clouds of pink, she creates a space that gives us life! She places spaced-out mirrors above and along the wall to reflect the rhythm of the stairs. Furthermore, each mirror is given an iridescent coating that flashes rainbows with every move. What’s more, Irma de Vries expands the staircase with an illusion that allows our imagination to soar. As a result, the artist grants our wish to go up up and away.

Finally, what are you waiting for? Visit Moco Museum to experience our mood-changing staircase by the contemporary artist, Irma de Vries. It’s time to get up-lifted! Get your tickets here.

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