Millionth Visitor Moco

Millionth visitor for Moco!

An unsuspecting visitor to the Amsterdam Moco Museum received a very special welcome today. Katouar Benchaib from Veenendaal turned out to be our millionth visitor. In addition to a festive welcome with champagne and cake, Katouar, together with her friend Anna Schut, received from the founders Lionel and Kim Logchies a golden ticket for a lifetime of free access to the museum and a large check to spend in the giftshop of the Moco Museum. A small gift was handed out to the other visitors.

“We had seen Moco Museum on Instagram and came to Amsterdam especially for the museum today,” says happy visitor Katouar.

Co-founder Kim Logchies: “We are very grateful to everyone who has found their way to the Moco Museum. Our visitors do not only come in large numbers and give high ratings, but they are especially nice, sometimes I leave my office and I spontaneously get a hug from a grateful visitor. ”

“We could never have imagined that we would attract a million visitors in 2.5 years time.” adds co-founder Lionel Logchies.

Check out the video of the surprise moment here.

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