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Portrait by Marcel Wanders for the citizens of Amsterdam

Portrait by Marcel Wanders for the citizens of Amsterdam

Meet Dutch designer Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam

The Moco garden just got enriched by a new art piece by Marcel Wanders. The Dutch designer gained world-wide recognition through his award-winning style. Portrait was revealed on the 23rd of April; Mocos second birthday and we feel honoured to have it along side with Tempter, another lovely piece by Wanders in our Garden.

About the statue – Portrait by Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam

Marcel Wanders Amsterdam

A gift to the city, this egg sculpture symbolises new beginnings for the people of Amsterdam. Inspired and made by the people, this offering represents the faces of the residents of the city and all the things they want for themselves in life. Each of the faces is a beautiful portrait of all of us, capturing our collective expression of hope.

This poetic and majestic gift to the people includes several of these large, organic cork icons that stand tall to project a lasting spirit of imagination. Placed in and around the city, each egg reminds all those who pass by that they are unified with people who share the same vision for themselves and their community. These eggs connect us as they reflect us. Gazing afar, the faces summon a wide landscape of the people’s enduring desire for their dreams to become a reality. Set atop a marble base, its wish pin is engraved to remind us of our eternal ambitions and of our belief that anything is possible. Portrait is a sculpture for the city of Amsterdam by Marcel Wanders.

Rocking egg transforms in a wall of wishes

marcel wanders amsterdam

The utmost devotion and ambition of adulthood is revisited as a rocking egg transforms into a wall of wishes. Poetical in every way, it summons a landscape of dreams, beckoning desire and yearning to make it reality. An organic cork object that looms large, it warmly represents unconditional dreaming, the ultimate unbridled wishes inescapably anchored in place and time by cooper pins, in which the M of Moco Museum or, when seen in reverse, the W of wish pin is engraved for eternity.

Add a wish pin to the sculpture of Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam

By adding a wish pin to the ‘Portrait’ sculpture of Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam  you can make a wish to make the world a bit more magical than it already is. You can buy the wish-pins in our giftshop. The first ones we give for free when you purchase something.

With the proceeds of the wish pins Moco supports good causes through Moco Magic, a foundation which has a special bond with organizations such as Movement on the Ground and Aids Fonds.


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