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Le Refuge by Marc Ange at Moco

Le Refuge by Marc Ange at Moco

The most instagrammable installation makes its Dutch debut – now pose! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. Moco Museum is taking your unforgettable experience to the next level. (Cue drum roll.) Welcome our newest addition, Le Refuge by Marc Ange for The Invisible Collection. This news follows the designer’s most recent exhibition, An Extraordinary World at Palazzo Cusani for the 2019 edition of Fuorisalone.

Marc Ange: Design Legacy

A self-proclaimed designer of pleasure, dreams and beauty; his fantasies have a refinement that can be traced to his start in the luxury car design industry. Marc Ange’s signature design style has enabled him to open studios in both Paris and Los Angeles. Furthermore, he launched Bloom Room with the ambition to create the extraordinary in all of their projects: interior design, art direction, furniture, product design, graphic design and branding. Now, he is one of the top players in the design world.

Award-Winning Outdoor Installation

Le Refuge by Marc Ange first drove instagrammers wild at Milan Design Week 2017. But now it has a new home, in our Moco Garden. The masterwork sits on a base of teak wood with metal stems and perforated leaves that shade an idyllic sanctuary – and it’s entirely coated in Moco pink! The piece retains childhood elements by fusing what’s real and unreal to create a new work where you can find comfort and peace. “It is the projection of a childhood memory. Its large leaves form a shelter under the sun, away from reality, just like those of the imaginary jungle that grows in the room of a child who seeks escape.”

Calling all dreamers!

To the young and young at heart, Moco Museum invites you on an escape. Whether it be from reality, the future, responsibilities…your kids – we want you to lose yourself. Find inner peace surrounded by positive, contemporary art, because daydreaming has never felt so real. We’ll meet you under the pink palms. *Pro-tip: our Moco gear is the perfect accessory. You can buy your ticket online here.

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