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Banksy Kissing Coppers

Banksy – Kissing Coppers

The controversial piece The Kissing Coppers by Banksy is one of his best-known images. The first time The Kissing Coppers was spotted was in 2005 on the wall of the Prince Albert Pub in Brighton. Over the years, the piece has suffered several attacks of vandalism and was replaced by a copy in 2011.

The piece can be read in many ways. In one respect, Banksy is arguing for greater tolerance of sexual-identity by placing icons of authority in a pro-gay position. While some believe that he is poking fun at policemen, showing them in a vulnerable, intimate moment, others read the work more positively, showing a human side to the police force and emphasizing the strong bonds between partners and teammates.

The work is the perfect example of how Banksy uses irony to challenge us to build a bridge of understanding between expected enemies of ideology.

The Kissing Coppers is on view on the ground floor in our Banksy exhibition Laugh Now and is the campaign image for Moco during Gay Pride Amsterdam 2018.

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