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KAWS - Companion (Passing through) - Moco Museum
KAWS – Companion (Passing through)

KAWS – Companion (Passing through)

One of the newest pieces in our sculpture garden is Companion (Passing through) by KAWS. KAWS’ acclaimed oeuvre straddles high art, pop culture and his own signature style. Having transitioned from his earlier graffiti career tagging billboards and posters on the streets of New York, KAWS now creates highly coveted limited edition prints, sculptures and toys that transform imagery from popular culture with his own unique twist.

KAWS in Amsterdam

kaws amsterdam companion

Out of all the characters that KAWS has created, the Mickey Mouse-inspired Companion, exemplified by the present work, is his most iconic. Companion (Passing Through) possesses the artist’s trademark skull head with crossbones and measures the same size as a real-life child, heightening the character’s poignantly human disposition.

This is the only sculpture by KAWS on view in a public art space in Amsterdam.


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