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Kusama Room Stripes by Irma de Vries at Moco Museum

Studio Irma Spotlights Moco Museum

Moco Museum in Amsterdam always looks to reinvent the museum visitor experience. We push boundaries, think outside of the box, and partner with other game-changers like Studio Irma (formerly Irma de Vries). Our successful collaboration with the contemporary Dutch artist is ongoing, and we can’t stop, won’t stop! From the Moco PLAY App that makes art move to our dreamy, iridescent staircase! And who could forget the iconic Roy Lichtenstein Bedroom?! Over and over, Moco is obsessed with her creative vision. 


Gone with the Windows

Irma de Vries is a trailblazer in the field of Augmented Reality (AR). In addition to her skill set, she works in painting and videomapping. Time and time again, she takes the viewer to new, unimaginable spaces. One of our favorite examples is her I’m deforming installation at the Nieuw Dakota, a new kind of Art Space bridging the local with the global. Moreover, the multi-talented artist collaborated with BeamLab, a creative platform for artists working in audiovisual production to invent a viral sensation!  

Here a sneak preview of my latest artwork

My latest artwork "I'm deforming" is part of the group exhibition of Beamlab presents. It will be running untill the 9th of december in Nieuw Dakota Amsterdam. The music is by Daniel Testas.

Geplaatst door Studio Irma op Maandag 26 november 2018

I’m deforming!

As a result, I’m deforming shows how one can be absorbed into a bright, vibrant digital fantasy. What’s up, what’s down, what’s happening all around? The interactive piece encourages you, to dance, jump, sit, watch, even shake your moneymaker. The work is not complete without your playful participation. 


Studio Irma @ Moco

Besides her multimedia artistry, Irma de Vries uses concepts about perception and illusion to realize some of her most simple, but effective artworks. For example, in one of Moco’s smallest exhibition rooms, Irma created an environment that is truly a tour de force.  

Studio Irma Shows Her Stripes

Irma de Vries makes stripes like never before! Suddenly, artful red and black stripes become an optical illusion as they transform the small room of Villa Alsberg into the ultimate space. Now, pose! The stripes’ activating effect encourages our eyes to travel. The stripes play with our perception as they seem to pull away from the artworks and rocket up to the ceiling! Irma de Vries makes stripes at their finest.

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