Installation art

Installation Art

Installation Art has been around since the 70s but has made a new debut in 2013 to a whole new generation. This form of art has been seen in lots of variations but what exactly is “Installation Art” and who are the artists behind these installations?

Installation Art, also known as environments, is a three-dimensional form of art. You can literally walk through or around it. This artform is fully focused on the viewer itself and its experience. The installations don’t have to be temporary, some are permanent. Most of the time there’s a hint of humor in these installations but there are quite some that have a serious overtone. The reason is that the artists wants to make a statement. They want the viewer to be mildly shocked, so you’ll think about it long after you’ve seen it.

Installation artists you need to know

These artists have not only been an inspiration for other upcoming artists but have also been groundbreaking in the industry. One of the most influential installation artists is Daniel Arsham. His installations have found new ways to define the design of our view of the architecture in a building. See Snarkitecture article.

Installation art

Another example, The Kusama installations by Yayoi Kusama. These installations are mostly known from the mirror installations you have probably seen on Instagram. Kusama is a genius when it comes to light, dots and infinity.

installation art kusama

art installation kusama

And of course, last but not least: Banksy. His art installations are so well done and controversial that it must be mentioned. Banksy is an artist who thrives to make a statement. These statements are about what’s happening in the world at the moment and the installations have a twist of dark humor.

Where can I find Installation Art in Amsterdam?

One of the most popular places to find art installations in Amsterdam is Moco Museum. You cannot only find the famous Banksy’s Installations here but also from the 18 th of January you can see Daniel Arsham’s brilliant art pieces!

Another installation art setting you have to see in the city is Amsterdam light festival. For this installation you will be in a boat at night touring through the canals of Amsterdam where you’ll see beautiful creations of light. Hurry, because the festival will end on the 20 th of January!

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