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Instagram Spots Amsterdam

Instagram spots in Amsterdam

Everyone likes to snap the perfect photo and share it on Instagram. And even more so when the picture is taken in a cool or interesting location. But, despite our love for visually appealing social media content, Instagrammable locations can still be quite difficult to find. So where can you find the most interesting Instagram spots in Amsterdam? We have compiled our list of top ten Instagram spots in Amsterdam:

Pink Instagram spots Amsterdam

Mama kelly

At Mama Kelly you will feel like you are in a pink mecca. Seeing as you can take a good picture in just about every corner, it’s not surprising that this pink haven makes our top ten Instagram spots Amsterdam list. The bar here is definitely our favorite photo location.

Instagram spots Amsterdam

Moco Museum

Continuing with the pink theme, Moco Museum cannot be missed. It is a place where inspiring modern and contemporary art come together. Furthermore, Moco Museum exhibits art that can be described as totally immersive. Become an active participant in several exhibition rooms, and enjoy the visual juxtaposition that the historic Villa Alsberg presents as it houses the modern and contemporary art collections. A visit to Moco Museum will leave you inspired and overflowing with creativity. 

Sticky fingers

Since we are viewing life through pink colored glasses, Sticky Fingers is another location in Amsterdam that cannot be missed. The name says it all. Here you can find all the sweets your heart desires. And also can enjoy the very pink and very Instagram-worthy wall. This is a great place to show either yourself or your delicious coffee to the gram (ideally both, though!)

Instagram spots Amsterdam

Botanical Instagram spots Amsterdam

Bar Botanique

Bar Botanique is the place to be if you are looking for a tropical atmosphere. At Bar Botanique, you are fully surrounded by plants and all shades of green. With winter coming, you can give your Instagram feed a much-needed tropical infusion.

Kimpton De Witt

Sticking with the tropical theme, Kimpton De Witt is another good place to visit if you are looking for an Instagram spot. And you don’t even need to go inside. Don’t miss the outside wall of leaves that serves as a perfect backdrop for your photos.

Avocado Show

This place has it all: the space is Instagram worthy and the food: excellent. Their dishes are presented so nicely that it is almost a shame to eat it. There is no shortage of #foodporn photos to be taken, and because of the green of the avocado, the plants, and the green interior accents, it is also a wonderful botanical place to hang out. In short, this spot is entirely Instagram-worthy for both your food and your selfies.

Colorful Instagram spots Amsterdam

Sushi samba

In addition to having the most original sushi combinations, Sushi Samba provides a setting for the perfect picture. There are several places where you can shoot a nice snapshot, but the staircase is hands down the most photogenic. Your feed will instantly be transformed into a colorful spectacle.

instagram spots amsterdam


Corner Bakery

At Corner Bakery it feels as if the food is made to take pictures of, more so than to eat. From freakshakes filled with all things sweet, to colorful salads, everything is bright and cheerful and, therefore, a perfect Instagram spot.


Located in the Leidsestraat, this cute shop is filled with goodies from all over the world. Perhaps not the first place that you would think of as Instagram spot, but well worth a visit for the photo-op. And more importantly, for a tasty treat.

Pluk Amsterdam

Surrounded by a backdrop of natural tones, the food at Pluk is a colorful party to-go. Everything at Pluk deserves to be ‘grammed: the interior, the building, the colorful cakes and your coffee. With so many Instagrammable spots, some difficult choices must be made here. This is why we’ve chosen the interior of Pluk as one of our most worthy Instagram spot in Amsterdam.


With these top ten Instagram spots in Amsterdam, your photos will become the star of Instagram.

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