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Infinity Mirror Room

Infinity room

The Infinity room by the brilliant Yayoi Kusama is famous around the globe. Who hasn’t seen it yet to admire the infinity lights or dots, or to take a quick Insta selfie then you’re definitely missing out! Kusama has been making these installations from 1965 and created more variations of the room.

Infinity rooms in perspective

In 1965 Kusama created the Infinity Mirror room called “Phalli’s Field”. It’s a mirror room filled with stuffed cotton-like creatures. The artists sewed and stuffed thousands of these herself. From 1966 until 1994 Kusama came with a room called “Love Forever”. This mirror room is made out of wood, mirrors, metal and loads and loads of lightbulbs. Outside of the room there’s a little wooden square-hole to take a peek inside the room.

The infinity  room “Aftermath of obliteration of Eternity” was created in 2009 and made with thousands of LED’s. It’s kind of reminding you of lampions floating in the air and it is absolutely gorgeous. And in 2016 Kusama made the infinity room “All the eternal love I have for pumpkins” which, you probably guessed it, has pumpkin like lights in it.

Infinity room details

All of Yayoi Kusama’s installations are made out of acrylic, plastic, mirrors and wood. The 90-year-old genius hopefully has a couple more magic boxes for us but until then, we can adore the ones we got from her. 

Places where you can find a infinity mirror room:

  • Los Angeles – The Broad
  • Humblebæk Denmark – Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
  • Pittsburgh – The Mattress Factory
  • Brisbane – Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art
  • Phoenix – Phoenix Art Museum
  • Tokyo – Yayoi Kusama Museum
  • Rotterdam – Boijmans Van Beuningen
  • Chicago – wndr museum
  • London – Victoria Miro
  • Shanghai – Ota Fine Arts
  • Atlanta – Infinity mirror room in The High Museum of Art

At Moco Museum we are still dreaming of having an Infinity Room on show. Keep dreaming! But on March 22 2019 we will add another one of Kusama’s famous paintings to our collection on her 90th Birthday.

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