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Icy & Sot Refugees Are Welcome

Icy & Sot – Refugees Are Welcome

This sculpture tells the story of refugees worldwide. Four silhouettes of a family of four break free from the steel wall. They have overcome their first hurdles of their journey and have ended up on the safe side of the border. They have broken free from the borders that kept them captivated like prisoners in their own country. The work is accompanied by colorful flowers wrapped around the barbwire as a symbol of hope and welcome.

The choice for a steel installation is part of ICY and SOT’s artistic growth since moving from Iran to NYC in 2012. Iran they had to work fast, secretive and afraid to get caught by government officials and be punished for expressing their opinions. Now they have the time and freedom to experiment with different materials that are more time consuming. The brothers identify personally with the story of refugees as they themselves are immigrants.

‘Refugees are Welcome’ is now on view in the Moco Museum garden and part of the permanent collection of the Urban Nation Museum in Berlin.

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