Digital Art

Digital art – what is it?

Discover the world of digital art

When you think of the word ‘art’, you probably think of all the beauty you can admire in museums; paintings, sculpture or, for example, fashion. But are you already familiar with the term ‘digital art‘?


Digital art

Digital art is a fairly new form of art and it started in the 1990’s, with the arrival of the internet. As the term indicates, it is about art that has been made digitally. So that actually means art that is made on or by the computer. This is of course quite broad, it differs from: images made or conceived by a computer, art made by means of algorithms, drawings that were made through a program on the computer, 3D sculptures and installations or videos. Even you used to be a true digital artist when you made old school drawings in Paint.

A newer version of digital art is Augmented Reality. That is a combination of reality, so the world around you, and your mobile phone that adds a layer to reality. Imagine this; you stand in your living room and want to buy a new couch. Through augmented reality you can digitally see different couches in your living room and pick out the one you like best.


Digital artists


TeamLab is a digital art collective consisting of no less than 400 members, each with its own specialism. They believe that the digital landscape can enhance the capacities of art, but also that digital art creates new relationships between people. In Tokyo they have a museum specifically focused on digital art. In this museum you can find works of art for which the latest technologies have been used. The word magic is an understatement here.

Lillian Schwartz

Lillian is seen as a pioneer in digital art. Meanwhile she has reached the age of 92 and is best known for her version of the Mona Lisa. She has edited the painting with a self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci, the painter of Mona Lisa. The strong comparison between the two is clearly visible.


Andy Warhol

Digital art would not be digital art without the well-known artist Andy Warhol. He was one of the first to use this art movement. In 1985, as a brand ambassador for the company Commodore International, he made a portrait of Debbie Harry during their opening. He did this on the ProPaint program on the computer. Later he also made digital drawings of the famous Campbell’s soup cans.


Where can you see digital art?

Became curious? Use the Augmented Reality App from Moco Museum. Do not forget to focus your camera on art during a museum visit. Let the artworks of Keith Haring and Andy Warhol come to life. And if you are ever in Japan, you immediately have a planning to visit TeamLab Borderless museum.


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