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Pink Cracked Bear Daniel Arsham Moco Museum

Daniel Arsham : The Pink Cracked Bear Drop!

Have you ever fantasized about putting your hands on an artwork, maybe knocking it over and breaking it? Guilty. Now, Daniel Arsham is providing that pleasure! His latest collaboration with Moco Museum in Amsterdam unleashes 500 Cracked Bears – and they’re ALL in Pink! This is a limited edition artwork and highly collectible. 

The Artist Behind Connecting Time

Following collaborations with Rimowa and Adidas, Daniel Arsham’s popularity has been further perpetuated by blockbuster shows. For instance, Paris Fashion Week showcased his beautiful mind as the inspiration for Mr. Kim Jones’, now legendary, Dior SS20 Show. Furthermore, the contemporary artist exhibits his largest works to date at the HOW Art Museum in Shanghai, and soon his solo show, Connecting Time at Moco Museum will sadly come to a close soon. There’s still time to buy tickets to Moco!

Uncover and Discover

Constant evolution, experimentation, and the unforgettable are shared characteristics of Moco’s identity and the relic that is Arsham’s Cracked Bear. Throughout his career, Daniel Arsham has directed an obsession with archaeology and the act of excavation to offer everyday objects as artifacts. With erosion as a variable in the artwork’s creation, Arsham explores the place that ‘new technologies’ occupy within our lives. Because of their inevitable demise and time-dependent relevance; what surfaces are portraits and portals to past ways of life. By fossilizing symbols of our childhood innocence, a Cracked Bear becomes a ‘catalyst for the contemporary mind to travel backwards and forwards at once’.

Ancient and Contemporary all at once

Marc Quinn’s Foreword to Daniel Arsham’s book, Fictional Archeology asserts, “All art is time travel communicating with people from the present but also people who are yet to be born.”… “[Arsham’s] works give us the macabre thrill of seeing our culture how others might see it centuries from now.”

THE Drop

PINK CRACKED BEAR is a sculpture made of fabric, plaster, and pigment. Like its Blue Cracked Bear counterpart, the Edition is incomplete until further cracked to the specifications of its collector, making each Bear unique. PINK CRACKED BEAR comes complete with Arsham Studio art handling gloves and a holographic edition number verifying its authenticity. This is an edition of 500. 

To complete the sculpture, put on the Arsham Studio gloves provided and break the plaster reinforcement layer to your desired effect.

The medium is the message

Cracked Bear travels from the Arsham Studio to Moco Museum to Your Art CollectionCrack it, smack it, whack it – you are the creator and the destroyer. Participate in this rare act of performance as you demonstrate the power of art. In art we trust.  

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