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Crying Girl

Crying Girl

Crying Girl (1963) by Roy Lichtenstein is an iconic work of Pop Art. Interestingly, this piece has a sparkling history. Its provenance shows that it belonged to top figures in the art world. Contemporary artist, Chuck Close purchased the piece at the famed Leo Castelli Gallery in 1963. Fast forward, the Crying Girl is accessible to the world in its new location at Moco Museum in Amsterdam.  

Drawing a Love Letter

For modern and contemporary (Moco) art lovers, Crying Girl is a world treasure of the Pop Art movement. But you know, Roy Lichtenstein too started somewhere! At the bottom of the lithograph print, Lichtenstein writes: “To Letty with Love”. As a friend and former lover, Letty Eisenhauer was the first to see his early-Pop Artworks and urged him to exhibit. “I told Roy, the place to take this is to Leo Castelli because Castelli was the best gallery in New York.” And the rest was (art) history.

Pop Art Showdown

When Pop Art first emerged on the scene, it was a game-changer. 1961 saw rising stars, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein fiercely compete for gallery representation. Even though both were presenting bold concepts of Pop Art, it was Lichtenstein who eventually won over the gallerist, Castelli. This was confirmation for the modern artist as it validated his distinct style.

Crying Girl

The Crying Girl Analysis

The crying girl is a stereotype that we’ve become too familiar with, further supported by one too many Rom-Coms. The vintage comic book series, Sacred Hearts inspired Lichtenstein’s masterwork. The comic predates the Time’s Up Movement and consequently restricts women as helpless, beauty-obsessed, naïve and above all, focused on men. However, it was Lichtenstein’s satirical objective to further amplify these outdated-tropes with brazen titles. Crying Girl inevitably became a recurring motif for the artist, with another notable example from 1964.


The Moco Masters 

Currently, Moco Museum is celebrating the exhibition, The Moco Masters. It features inspiring artists who stand out for their exceptional contribution to art and culture. Alongside Roy Lichtenstein’s Crying Girl is work from the other Pop Art figurehead – Andy Warhol. Come witness the art historic rivalry unfold as both Pop Art icons share the Moco spotlight – get your tickets here! They’re waiting for you.

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