Crying Girl

Crying Girl

Understanding Roy Lichtenstein’s Crying Girl

Who doesn’t know Roy Lichtenstein’s world famous painting ‘Crying Girl’ from 1963? It’s a beautiful piece of pop art that can be seen inside the Moco Museum in Amsterdam.

The pop art painting can for sure be seen as one of the most remarkable pieces within the movement. People all around the globe would recognise one of Lichtenstein’s portraits of comic-styled women. These paintings were featuring the special Ben-Day dot printing technique, which created an optical illusion of a colour, through the spacing of small dots, that were either way put close, far, or overlapping. It is this technique that made Lichtenstein’s style so recognisable and unique.Crying Girl

Theme of women as used in ‘Crying Girl’

The theme of women, as used in ‘Crying Girl’, can be found repeatedly within Lichtenstein’s artworks. Mostly shown as beautiful, naive, helpless and focused on a man, you would find the women in these artworks caught in a love affair with a dominant man. Thinking, crying, reminiscing. The women were shown suffering from different situations, mostly caused by the behaviour of a man.

Luckily nowadays we live in more emancipated times and we can see the painting with an eye-wink inside the Moco Museum, Amsterdam. The ‘Crying Girl’ was shown in the Moco Museum in the Lichtenstein exhibition. Moco Museum still shows a Lichtenstein  3D interior room installation based on his painting ‘Bedroom at Arles’.

Come to the Moco Museum and visit the pop art Lichtenstein 3d room. We do not only have pop art paintings from Lichtenstein but also from pop artist Andy Warhol. You can find several pieces of his art through out the museum among which the well known ‘Marilyn Monroe’. Do you want to make the best selfie possible and enjoy beautiful art? Make a picture with ‘Crying Girl’ (not possible anymore) or a selfie inside the 3D room in the Moco Museum.

Crying Girl


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