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Contemporary art Instagram

Contemporary art Instagram

In Amsterdam, Moco Museum makes a diverse selection of modern, contemporary and street art available to the public. Contemporary art or ‘art of today’ refers to works created by living artists in the 21st century. Art lovers and others often share their love for contemporary art on Instagram. We’re playing favorites this time, below is our list of Instagram accounts featuring the best contemporary artworks.

Contemporary art collectors

If and when you’re searching for a collection of contemporary art on Instagram, then you should peep the account ‘contemporary art collectors’ (CAC). They share contemporary art pieces from all over the world. CAC describes itself as an art and culture platform – with a focus on talks with leading figures from the art world. Furthermore, they talk about how art plays a meaningful role in everyday life.

Contemporary art

Moco Museum

Moco Museum’s Instagram account is, of course, filled with contemporary art! They also regularly post eye-catching pictures from the museum’s own exhibitions. So, don’t forget to tag @mocomuseum in your pictures at our museum. Moco Museum has the everlasting desire to make contemporary art available to the general public. In addition to our Instagram, we do this with our stories. What’s more, is we curate and exhibit contemporary art in the coolest ways. Follow Moco Museum to stay updated about contemporary art on Instagram.

Contemporary art Instagram


Moco Museum loves ‘the blue lemonade‘. This Instagram account is filled with beautiful and edgy pictures of contemporary art. The blue lemonade posts artworks from different international artists. If you are an artist, then take a picture of your art and submit it to the website of the blue lemonade. With 249K followers, it’s clear, they are one of the best contemporary art Instagram accounts.

contemporary art instagram

We hope we’ve inspired you to search for the best contemporary art Instagram accounts. Our top three accounts at a glance are:

  • Contemporary art collectors
  • Moco Museum
  • the.bluelemonade

If you’re curious about contemporary art and want to see it in real life, then come and visit us at Moco Museum. We have a lot of incredible art pieces inside the museum, but also in the Moco Garden.

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