Contemporary art Instagram

Contemporary art Instagram

The Moco museum in Amsterdam wants to make a wide range of modern art, contemporary art & street art available to the general public. Contemporary art is all visual art made nowadays, it’s also called ‘the art of today’. Many people love contemporary art and share the most beautiful pieces of art on their Instagram accounts. We’ve made a list of Instagram accounts that show the best contemporary artworks.

Contemporary art collectors

When you’re searching for a collection of contemporary art on Instagram you should really take a look on the Instagram account ‘contemporary art collectors’. They share contemporary art pieces from all over the world. CAC describes itself as an art and culture platform that focuses on conversations with eminent and leading figures from the art world. CAC discusses how art itself can become a more prominent and meaningful part of people’s everyday lives.

Contemporary art

Moco Museum

Of course the Instagram page of Moco Museum is filled with beautiful pieces of art from all over the world and from the exhibitions in the museum itself. The Moco Museum wants to make contemporary art available to the general public. We do this by sharing contemporary art, street art and modern art on our instagram account, but also through the stories on our website and obviously by showing the coolest contemporary art pieces in the museum itself. Follow Moco Museum for contemporary art on Instagram to stay updated.

Contemporary art Instagram

Moco Museum loves ‘The blue lemonade‘. This Instagram account is filled with beautiful pictures of contemporary art. The blue lemonade posts artworks of different artists from all over the world. If you are an artists you can take a picture of your art and go to the website of The blue lemonde to submit your work. With 225K followers on Instagram they are definitely one of the best contemporary art Instagram accounts.

contemporary art instagram

We hope we’ve inspired you to go and search for the best contemporary art Instagram accounts. The three accounts at a glance are:

  • Contemporary art collectors
  • Moco Museum

If you’re curious about this form of art and want to see it in real life you can come and visit us at Moco Museum in Amsterdam. We have a lot of beautiful art pieces inside the museum, but also in the Moco Garden.


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