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Colorblind artists

One of the greatest artists that we know had/have eye problems. Of course, they don’t know any better but how did they deal with it and who are these colorblind artists?

Many people don’t know this, but the great Claude Monet had a pretty hard time telling colors apart from each other. He even had to label the paint tubes. Next to the great Claude Monet also Neil Harbisson was colorblind. He sees everything in grayscale since he was born with achromatopsia. In 2003, an antenna was placed in his head allowing him to pick up colors through vibrations.

One of the greatest colorblind artists of today is Daniel Arsham. What kind of effect has this for his artwork? If you know his works, you’ll know that all of them are white, shades of grey or black. The lack of color didn’t really matter to him. He told the website Quartzy: “As an artist, within my work, I didn’t think about the lack of color as being even part of my practice. Perhaps I was more drawn to them because I knew in their lack of color, I was able to see them the way that everyone else would see them”

How to solve it for colorblind artists

This all changed in 2015. Arsham got glasses that let him see more colors. There are many forms of colorblindness, but Daniel Arsham got Deuteranopia. The main problem with this kind of blindness is the colors red and green. As people with normal vision see the colors of the rainbow, the color spectrum of people with Deuteranopia is a grey-yellow tone, grey-orange tone, and blue. 

Colorblind Artist Daniel Arsham

The glasses Daniel Arsham got, brought him a whole new color pallet to work with. He created artworks with vibrant pink, purple, or a different kind of blue. Although he got this new view, the artist prefers to only work with it on creative projects.

One of his artworks he created with this pair of glasses on is the Japanese Lunar Garden. More of his amazing pieces can be seen now at the Moco Museum!

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