Brexit Art

Brexit Art: Art made according to the Brexit

While the British parliament is still negotiating about a Brexit deal, short for ‘British exit’, street artists are giving their opinion by making art about Brexit.

What is Brexit?

Brexit is the decision made after people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (EU). The EU is a political and economic union consisting of 28 nations .The EU flag, consisting of 12 stars, symbolizes harmony, unity and solidarity between those nations.

Street artists who made Brexit art

  • BK FOXX & Brexit art

In 2018 American street artist BK FOXX made a mural saying ‘leaving is the easy way out’. Hereby he let’s the world know he is against brexit.


  • Odeith & Brexit art

Brexit Art

Street artist Odeith made a mural in Bristol according to the Brexit for the Upset festival. In this mural actor Benny Hill is portrayed saying ‘Good bye Europe’. Benny is best known for The Benny Hill Show and was a prominent figure in British culture.


  • The WeAreEurope artist collective & Paintsmiths of Bristol 

The WeAreEAurope artist collective and Paintsmiths of Bristol both claimed to be responsible for the mural according to the Brexit in Bristol, England. The mural shows a copy of the iconic Berlin Wall mural of ex-Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and former East Germany’s leader Erich Honecker kissing each other. Now, the mural features Trump (pro-Brexit) and Boris Johnson (a leader in the Brexit campaign). Besides Trump and Johnson, the mural shows the words ‘Not #infor this?’, implicating they are also against the UK leaving the EU.

  • Banksy & Brexit art

The British street artist Banksy made his statement about Brexit, just shortly after the Brexit announcement of Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He made a mural painting on a building in Dover. Banksy illustrated a laborer chipping of a star of the EU flag. With the UK leaving the EU, Banksy shows that the harmony, unity and solidarity between these nations will be disrupted.

If you find these pieces of street art interesting, you should visit Moco Museum. Moco Museum is a museum located in the centre of Amsterdam. This museum is all about contemporary and modern art. You can enjoy art of Banksy, Daniel Arsham and many more (street) artists.



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