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Brexit Art

Brexit Art: according to street artists

The British Parliament still continues to have negotiations about Brexit. Originally short for ‘British exit’, we are no longer sure about the details of Brexit. Moreover, the UK’s future was made more uncertain following Prime Minister, Theresa May’s confirmed resignation over the weekend. However, we want to pull focus on Brexit art. We’re highlighting these street artists, speaking truth to power over the eventual exit.

What is Brexit?

The citizens of the United Kingdom voted for Brexit. In other words, it was a general consensus to leave the European Union (EU).  The EU is a political and economic union consisting of 28 nations. Additionally, the EU has its own flag that consists of 12 stars. The ring of stars symbolizes harmony, unity and solidarity between nations.

Street artists who made Brexit art

  • BK FOXX & Brexit art

In 2018 American street artist, BK FOXX made a mural to express disappointment. And to further this frustration was the plastered message, “leaving is the easy way out.” We wonder how he really feels?

  • Odeith & Brexit art

Brexit Art

In Bristol, street artist, Odeith made a mural for Upfest, Europe’s largest graffiti and street art festival. The piece expresses a cultural commentary in response to Brexit. In this mural, actor Benny Hill is saying “Good Bye Europe!” Interestingly, The Benny Hill Show made the actor a household name within British culture.


  • WeAreEurope & The Paintsmiths 

WeAreEurope commissioned the Paintsmiths of Bristol to create an impactful mural. Their objective was clear, to remain in the EU. The result was inspired by the Berlin Wall’s iconic image of ex-Soviet leader, Leonid Brezhnev and former East Germany leader, Erich Honecker kissing. Now, the contemporary mural features Donald Trump (pro-Brexit) and Boris Johnson (a leader in the Brexit campaign). Alongside Trump and Johnson are the words, “NOT #INFOR THIS?” With this in mind, we hope Brexit won’t be this unpleasant. 

  • Banksy & Brexit art


British street artist, Banksy made a loud statement following the announcement of Brexit. He painted a monumental mural on the side of a building in Dover. The artist illustrated a laborer chipping away the EU flag’s ring of stars. It is clear how the artist feels, Banksy believes that the harmony, unity and solidarity between these nations will be disrupted.

If you find street art interesting, then you should visit Moco Museum – located in the center of Amsterdam. Moco Museum highlights contemporary and modern art. You can enjoy the artworks of Banksy, Daniel Arsham and many more street artists.


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