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Best art pages on Instagram

Best art pages on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best places to get to know art and it’s creators. We’ve written about the best artists on Instagram in another story, but there are many Instagram pages filled with the most beautiful pieces of art that will inspire you every day. If you’re looking for the best art pages on Instagram, here are some of our favourite pages every art lover should be following.

Newyorkerart is one of the best art pages on Instagram

Newyorkerart shows the art of up-coming artists from all over the world. For example the illustration below is made by an artist from Norway. But newyorkerart also exhibits art from Hamburg, Madrid or New York.  The artworks are often illustrations or colourful paintings. This is one of the best art pages on Instagram for people who love up-coming artists with different styles.


World’s first digital magazine for architecture, art and technology is designboom. Besides a website where you can read everything about art, technology and architecture they also have one of the best art pages on Instagram. The art they share with the world through the Instagram page is amazing. For example, an artwork by Helga Stentzel pairs animals and food together. This is a visual artist that creates adorable animals of household food.

Best art pages on Instagram

Designboom also shows a picture of Daniel Arsham’s solo show ‘Connecting Time’ that is currently to be seen at our Museum in Amsterdam. Moco Museum is the first museum in the Netherlands to present Daniel Arsham’s work.

Best art pages on Instagram


Another art page on Instagram that you should follow is ‘dezeen’. This is not only an Instagram account but also the world’s most influential architecture, design and interiors magazine. With 1,8 million followers they are sharing their architecture art all over the world. The account shares pictures of the most beautiful buildings and interiors. We call this one of the best art pages on Instagram because they share the art of architecture and design. The mission of Dezeen is to bring the world a carefully edited selection of the best architecture, design and interiors projects from around the world.


Teamlab is an art collective that tries to give reality a new form. This collective brings art, science and technology togehter in an amazing way. They show that nature is important and everything is connected to each other. The artworks that are made are not made just by one artist. It’s a collaboration between animators, architects, artists and mathematicians. Together they ensure a new magical experience and a different reality. They share artworks on the Instagram account teamlab_borderless and this is definitely one of the best art pages on Instagram.


When you aren’t following hypebeastart yet, you are really missing out. This Instagram account belongs to the owners of the brand ‘hypebeast’. This is the leading online destination for men’s contemporary fashion and streetwear. Besides their webshop they also have an art page on their website on which they publish blogs about all kinds of art. Hypebeastart writes about artists like Banksy, KAWS, Daniel Arsham and many more. On the Instagram account ‘hypebeastart’ they share the most beautiful pieces of art with the world.

Best art pages

These were the best art pages on Instagram. If you are looking for more art inspiration you can also go and follow the Moco Museum on Instagram. We share artworks from different artists in our museum including Daniel Arsham, KAWS, Banksy and many more. Come and visit the museum to see every piece of art in the Moco Museum and in the Moco Garden.


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