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Art hashtags

Art hashtags

Everybody with an account on social media knows the word hashtag. You can use hashtags in the description of your Instagram photos or for example on Twitter or Linkedin. Searching on hashtags gives you subjects that you are interested in. For example if you are interested in art you can search on art hashtags. As an artist you can also use art hashtags to reach many people with your art. But which are the best art hashtags to use?

Art hashtags

What is an hashtag?

Let’s start with the question ‘What is a hashtag’. When you want to share or find something on social media it’s clever to use a hashtag. For example, when you really love art then you can use hashtags that are popular among art lovers. This sign # is a hashtag. An art hashtag can be #artlover and when you’re looking for art from Daniel Arsham you can use the hashtag #danielarsham. In this way you can find anything about your subject in a super easy way. But as an artists you can also use arthashtags. When you used the hashtag #contemporaryart and artlovers search for #contemporaryart they will find your artwork.

How do art hashtags work on Instagram?

Instagram is the perfect place to share art inspiration or your own artworks. If you want to attract people who love art, you can use some popular art hashtags. When they search for pictures of Moco Museum and you use the hashtag #mocomuseum they find the picture you made. By using an art hashtag in a post you will reach the people who are interested in the art inspiration you share with the world.

Art hashtags

Which art hashtags should you use?

Do you share paintings, drawings or other kind of artworks? It’s important that you use hashtags that are relevant to the art that you show.  This is very important because you can’t use popular hashtags that are about drawings if you are posting only sculpture art. Keep the hashtags relevant to your pictures.

The best art hashtags on Instagram

Last but not least, the best art hashtags to use on Instagram. We’ve made a list of the most popular hashtags about art that you should definitely use when you want to share your artworks with the world or attract new followers that love art. Here are 15 of the most liked art hashtags.

  • #art
  • #artist
  • #photooftheday
  • #illustration
  • #design
  • #drawing
  • #artwork
  • #digitalart
  • #picoftheday
  • #artoftheday
  • #instaartist
  • #instaart
  • #portrait
  • #artsy
  • #artistsoninstagram

We hope that you are already inspired to use these art hashtags and let your followers and likes grow.  And maybe you’ll become one of the best art pages on Instagram one day.

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