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Andy Warhol fashion

Andy Warhol & Fashion

We all know who Andy Warhol is and his amazing art pieces. For example the tomato soup cans or the Marilyn Monroe portrait. But did you know that Andy Warhol was also really into fashion?


Andy Warhol Fashion


Andy Warhols’ Fashion style

As if his iconic white hair wasn’t enough of a statement, he wore some amazing pieces that make you recognize Andy Warhol in a heartbeat. His fashion style was casual and still very contemporary. The style he wore became a personal brand of his. Most of the time he would wear some black denim jeans, a blue striped long sleeve and threw a leather jacket to match the whole outfit. If the artist didn’t wear a blue striped long sleeve, he would wear a black turtle neck. And don’t forget Andy’s shoes. He would always wear his Chelsea boots. Which fits every occasion.


Andy Warhol Fashion


Andy Warhol’s Fashion Shoe Drawings

Talking about shoes: in the early days of Andy Warhol’s fashion career, he used to work as a young commercial fashion illustrator. Andy became the best shoe illustrator in the late 1950s and drew fashion shoes for ads in The New York Times every week. Fun fact: All the names and phrases that go with his shoes were co-written by Andy Warhol’s fashion-minded mother.


Andy Warhol fashion


His illustrations, artworks and photography have, until this day, been used in all kinds of fashion. Calvin Klein even made a collection in 2018 with Andy Warhol’s photography. The Creative Director Raf Simons entered a four-year agreement with the Andy Warhol Foundation. Like this, Simons can use Andy Warhol’s art on Calvin Klein’s clothing designs.

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