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Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam is shaking in her boots! 2020 marks the 8th edition of Amsterdam Light Festival, and this year the theme is DISRUPT!

Artists from around the world specifically create light art installations for the festival! With this in mind, their works speak to humanity’s disruptive influence on our natural environment – tackling issues like global warming and rising sea levels, for example. Furthermore, the 2020 open-air exhibition highlights the city of Amsterdam. As you tour the canals at night, locations and buildings with a disruptive, historical connection are therefore highlighted and explained. For an awesome Amsterdam canal boat rental during the light festival, we suggest contacting our friends from Starboard Boats.


Disruption can lead to positive change. It provokes new discussion, encourages action, and widens perspective. For these reasons, disruption is at the pink heart of Moco Museum. It is the unlimited power in art we trust – to disrupt comfort zones, challenge thought, and communicate stories less told. Irma de Vries is doing just that! The contemporary artist is an incredible storyteller whose videomapping stuns us all. And so, we pay homage to her bright impact on the Amsterdam Light Festival.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” – Banksy

The Gatekeepers

For the #3 edition of ALF, Irma de Vries sculpted two monumental guards, standing 6 meters tall! Additionally, placing them at the entrance to the Hermitage – along the Amstel River – they tower as protective symbols. Irma de Vries built the Gatekeepers out of plastic. However, she hollowed out one side to make the figures convex in shape. In fact, they only appear three-dimensional through videomapping.

*The Gatekeepers by Irma de Vries was commissioned for the Amsterdam Light Festival. The project is supported by the Amsterdam Museum, Hermitage, and Rijksmuseum.

Canal House

The #4 Edition of Amsterdam Light Festival saw Irma de Vries create a spectacular digital art project that not only captured the attention of Amsterdammers but also those around the world.

“My work investigates the identity of Europe by linking elements from our history to elements of today and our future. This makes the individual identity visible and lets us visualize our cultural identity. I think it is very important to explain our joint and personal identity.” – Irma de Vries

Importantly, the artist describes this work as a “large painting that stands 18 meters high and comes to life in the evening by means of light and shadow projection”. Stay up to date with Moco or pay us a visit to experience modern and contemporary art like never before.

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