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1.5m Moco Museum Protocol


Moco Museum follows the RIVM hygiene guidelines and measures as well as the guidelines for people who impose health risks. This is to avoid any employee or visitor from getting exposed to the virus. There are five main measures taken:

  1. Keep a minimum of 1.5 metres distance from other people. This also counts for arrival areas or break rooms.
  2. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with water and soap. Also, wash your hands after you have taken off your gloves.
  3. Avoid touching your face, especially near your eyes, nose and mouth. You can touch your face after you have washed your hands thoroughly.
  4. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or use a paper tissue. Throw the paper tissue away immediately and wash your hands after.
  5. Assess health risks and stay at home even if you have mild cold-like symptoms and/or a fever. The same counts for when someone in your household has any health complaints.


1. The capacity and a maximum number of visitors allowed in the museum at the same time, based on 1 person or 1 household (max 3 people) per 10m2, will be indicated in the museum.
In the museum halls, there will be a maximum of 1 person or 1 household per 10m2. This calculation also takes into account the number of employees present. When it comes to 1 household, Moco Museum counts a maximum of 3 people. If the household consists of more than 3 people, the staff will ask the visitors to split up into groups of 2/3 people.
The maximum capacity is based on the total floor area of Moco Museum which is 1200m2. Taking into account that the museum calculates the number of households or visitors per 10m2, the maximum capacity is 150 visitors that are allowed inside at the same time.

2. The capacity is ensured per day with timeslots (a set starting time) for visitors.
By working with an online reservation system with Global Ticket, the number of visitors will not surpass the maximum capacity of visitors allowed at the same time. For every 20 min. timeslot a maximum of 50 tickets can be reserved.

3. Visiting the museum – no more reservations needed.
Tickets can be bought on the website or at the front desk; visitors can choose a timeslot that suits them, and each timeslot will have a maximum of 50 visitors per 20 minutes. With an average visiting time of around 1 hour, there will be a maximum of 150 visitors in the museum at the same time. While reserving their timeslot, visitors can see how busy the museum is at the selected time. Visitors are encouraged to arrive on time or a maximum of 15 minutes before their chosen timeslot to avoid waiting in lines. Currently, it is not possible to visit the museum without reserving a timeslot.

4. For the time being, visitors can only pay with their debit card or with mobile payment at the gift shop, there are no direct payment methods available at the entrance.

5. Visitors and staff must keep a 1.5 metres distance from each other.
In the waiting line outside the building, 1.5 metres distance is marked with tape on tiles, pavement stones, and wood. Signs that mark a 1.5 metres distance are placed up until the main entrance where tickets are scanned.
In addition, compliance to distancing measures are indicated by signs with the ground rules that are displayed throughout and around the museum. In large spaces and in the passageways, stickers are placed on the floor to remind visitors to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from each other.
Staff will also be wearing shirts that remind visitors again to keep a 1.5 metres distance from each other.

6. A walking route to ensure the 1.5 metres distance between visitors and staff.
To facilitate a safe flow of museumgoers and safe movement in the museum, Moco Museum has chosen to establish a one-way walking route. This walking route will make sure that incoming and outgoing visitors will be kept separate from each other in both the building and in the surrounding garden. The route is encouraged with plexiglass dividers so that there is only one possible walking route in the museum. Visitors will be guided along the walking route with arrow floor markings.

Moco Museum Safe One-Way Route

7. There are enough soap dispensers, disinfectants and other hygiene facilities available at the museum.
Central areas in the museum are equipped with disinfectant hand gel or handwashing-facilities are in place, which can be used to protect the visitors.

8. The museum will be cleaned regularly.
Besides the general cleaning activities, high-touch surfaces in the museum will be cleaned every half hour. This concerns the pin machine in the gift shop, the door handles and the handrails at the stairs.

9. Guided tours
Tours are allowed. However, they’re only possible if 1,5 metres distance between participants and the tour guide can be maintained in each room.

10. Moco Museum’s opening hours are Sunday – Thursday 10:00 – 19:00 / Friday & Saturday 10:00 – 21:00.
The opening hours will regulate and spread out the visitors as much as possible during the day. On the website, timeslot tickets are sold only within these opening hours. The opening hours will be communicated online and through signage.

11. Minimising high-touch surfaces.
Touchscreens, iPad’s and devices for audio tours etc. will be temporarily removed or in the case of pin machines, touchscreens etc., they will be cleaned more frequently and thoroughly.

12. Audio tours can be played on ‘own device’.
The museum’s audio tour will be offered to the visitors with the ‘own device’ measures in place. The museum will no longer lend out iPods to visitors that do not have their smartphone. The tickets will indicate that a free audio tour can be used on the visitor’s own phone.

13. Moco Museum ensures that there is always enough staff to monitor whether visitors are complying with the measures taken and will be proactive in regulating visitors.
The floor managers will be active on an operational level with monitoring and ensuring that the measures are being taken. They have the right to deny entry to visitors, suppliers and employees and potentially ask visitors to end their visit if they are not complying with the measures the museum has taken.

14. For each museum room, the capacity of the total visitors allowed inside will be visible so that visitors can assess if the maximum has been reached.

15. The cloakroom in the museum is temporarily closed.
The cloakroom cannot ensure that a 1.5 metres distance is taken. Furthermore hand contact and contact with other people’s belongings cannot be avoided, so Moco Museum has decided to temporarily close the cloakroom.
Visitors are informed about this on the website and at the reservation process of their ticket and timeslot.

16. Access control to the museum.
The waiting line to the museum is indicated by 1.5 metres distance markings so visitors can wait in line and maintain a suitable distance from each other. Here, visitors will be reminded again of the museum’s ground rules with A3 signs on poles. At the entrance of the museum, staff and visitors are separated by plexiglass dividers. By using these screens, online tickets can be scanned at the museum. The visitor or household (max 3 people) presents online tickets to the employee. The access control measures are in line with the timeslots of 20 minutes. After the ticket control has been completed, disinfectant hand gel is available for both the employee and the visitor.

17. Using the toilets in the museum.
There are 3 toilet stalls available in the museum, doors to the toilets will remain ajar to limit contact with the door handle. In the toilets, visitors can use soap and disinfectants. The toilet areas will be cleaned regularly but also more frequently and there will be more attention to high-touch surfaces and handwashing facilities. Paper towels will be used for drying hands after washing, and sealed bins can be opened using a foot pedal.

18. Supervisors will be present at the waiting line and in the building to make sure the safety and social distancing measures are met.
A manual that details the steps Moco Museum has taken to protect the safety of visitors and staff from the virus has been shared with museum staff. These are delivered both in English and in Dutch. Staff must wear a face mask and gloves.
Host: at all times a host will be present at the entrance of the museum. These hosts will give a general explanation of how the museum visit will take place. Employees will wear something that clearly states to keep the 1.5 metres distance.
The floor manager or a member of the Moco Museum staff will be present on the ground floor to keep an eye on visitors and address behaviour that does not follow the measures taken. They’ll also be available for any questions, for example about the walking route. Again, these employees will wear something that clearly states to keep the 1.5 metres distance.
Security: security will walk around the building and the garden surrounding the museum to make sure the measures are being respected. The security employees will wear something that clearly states to keep the 1.5 metres distance.

19. While reserving online tickets and at the entrance of the museum, visitors could be asked if the visitor shows symptoms.
The visitor can be denied entrance to the museum if they show any coronavirus related symptoms.

20. Relaunching business events depends on the RIVM protocols for the hospitality industry and the guidelines of the government.

21. Moco Museum has the right to deny access to the museum if there is any doubt about the health of a visitor, supplier or employee.

22. Visitors who do not comply with the measures taken will be requested to end their visit.



Ground rules:

  1. Don’t leave your home with any symptoms of a cold or flu. Visitors are welcome if they and members of their living household have been free of symptoms for at least 24 hours.
  2. You are only allowed access to the museum with more than 1 person if you are in the same household.
  3. Visitors will need to be in the possession of a valid online ticket for the day and the timeslot booked. They will arrive at a maximum of 15 minutes before the starting time of their timeslot to avoid waiting in lines.
  4. Visitors can only pay using a debit card or mobile payments.
  5. It is allowed to take pictures. However, we have the right to deny further taking pictures if it becomes an issue related to crowd flow or causes a standstill in our designated route through the museum.
  6. Stay 1.5 metres apart from other people that aren’t within your household.
  7. Always follow the hygiene measures.
  8. Follow the instructions from the museum’s staff.
  9. Follow the indicated walking route in the museum.
  10. The cloakroom is temporarily closed. Due to safety concerns, we cannot allow strollers, trolleys or suitcases inside the museum. Furthermore, it’s unfortunate that we do not have the capacity to store strollers, trolleys, or suitcases on our premises.
  11. The audio tour is currently only available on ‘own device’.



1. For the shopkeeper.
– A 1.5 metres distance between visitors will be guaranteed within the gift shop. At the door of the gift shop, there will be an indication of how many visitors can go inside at the same time, based on 1 household per 10m2 shop floor.
– The same hygiene measures will be taken at the gift shop, both at the counter and pin machine. There will be disinfectant hand gel available at the counter for visitors and staff to use.
– A route is placed in the gift shop so that there is no need for visitors to cross while distance can be maintained between them.
– There is a plexiglass divider between the visitor and staff at the counter.
– There is a sign which states: only pick up or touch something you need.

2. For visitors to the museum’s gift shop.
At the entrance of the gift shop there is signage to indicate the following ground rules for the visitors:
– Maintain a 1.5 metres distance.
– Enter the gift shop alone or with a maximum of 2 people from the same household.
– Only touch the products you would like to buy.
– Payment is only possible with a debit card, contactless or with mobile payment.
– Always follow the staff’s instructions.

3. The coffee bar will be temporarily closed.

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