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Unique Contemporary Art in Barcelona

Barcelona, a city brimming with vibrant culture and creativity, beckons art aficionados to indulge in contemporary marvels. If you're looking for art in Barcelona, brace yourself for an extraordinary odyssey at Moco Museum Barcelona. On this page, we unveil why investing in a Moco Museum ticket is a transformational experience, reshaping your connection with art.

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Embarking on a Contemporary Art Journey

Moco Museum Barcelona escorts you through the cutting-edge realm of contemporary art. Its boundary-pushing exhibitions challenge conventions and plunge you into the mesmerising depths of human creativity at its heights. While free museums abound in the city, few match the diversity and innovation you'll encounter here. We're a private museum, devoid of government subsidies, which slightly elevates our prices in comparison to other institutions.

Visiting Moco Museum Barcelona is an art lover's dream come true. The museum's awe-inspiring collection showcases works by iconic artists such as Basquiat and Banksy, leaving you truly awestruck, not to mention providing plenty of photo-worthy moments. If you're an admirer of Basquiat and Banksy, this is the perfect opportunity to behold their masterpieces all under one roof. Banksy's provocative and socially relevant pieces, intermingled with the raw and expressive energy of Basquiat's creations, forge a captivating journey through the world of contemporary art.

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A chance to visit Moco Museum Barcelona is an art lover's dream come true!

Why Visit Moco Barcelona?

You may wonder, why pick Moco Museum Barcelona over exploring free alternatives in the city. The answer is simple: your Moco ticket unlocks access to an expertly curated, global collection of art, intentionally designed to challenge norms and fire your imagination. It is an in depth introduction to the evolving modern and contemporary art scene.

Our exhibitions span diverse themes, each evoking a range of emotion and response. You can revel in the creations of modern masters like Dalí, Basquiat, and Haring, engage with digital installations & contemporary sculptures, and ponder contemporary society through Banksy's original artwork.

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We trust in art because it sparks conversation, curiosity, and a reaction.

Cutting-Edge Exhibitions

At Moco, exhibitions undergo regular transformations, ensuring an ever-evolving trove of artistic riches. From the works of emerging artists to those of celebrated innovators, each visit offers an opportunity to marvel at modern human creativity in all its wonderful, varied forms.

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Local Community Impact

For Barcelona locals, supporting Moco Museum Barcelona not only enriches your cultural life but also fosters the growth of a local artistic community. Your ticket sustains the museum and bolsters contemporary artists, reinforcing the city's diverse cultural fabric. Delve into the works of Miranda Makaroff and Six N. Five.

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Exploring Beyond Moco

For those visiting, Barcelona extends a wide array of cultural and leisure activities. After immersing yourself in the Moco Museum, you can dive into the city's rich cultural tapestry, explore other museums, and savour its vibrant culinary scene. In this article, we share a comprehensive guide on what to do in Barcelona.

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Brace yourself for an extraordinary odyssey

Moco Museum Discounts

At the Moco Museum Barcelona, we take our cause seriously: making contemporary art accessible to all. Consequently, we extend an array of special discounts on admission through various cards and memberships. If you're a local resident, student, retiree, or affiliated with a cultural organisation, you may qualify for reduced rates. We offer a special rate for residents of Spain, who can validate their residency through their DNI. Furthermore, educators with the Carnet Docente from the Generalitat de Catalunya can also enjoy the benefit of reduced admission. The Barcelona library card similarly entitles you to a reduced entry fee.

If you possess a disability card, you can relish the disability discount by presenting it at the entrance. Those from large families, holding the Carnet de Familia Numerosa, also enjoy a discount during their museum visit. Additionally, members of La Vanguardia can leverage their membership to secure an additional discount by displaying their member card.

What's more, everyone can enjoy a discount of between €2 - €5 (depending on your time slot) when you book online!

We ardently believe that everyone deserves to savour the beauty of Modern and Contemporary Art, and our discounts exist to enhance accessibility. So don't let admission fees deter you: find your discount, and venture into the world of contemporary art! We'd be honoured to have you on board our Mocommunity, and we eagerly anticipate your arrival at the Moco Museum Barcelona.

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