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A Day in De Pijp

Amsterdam is surrounded by stunning canals, picturesque narrow houses and fascinating cultural attractions. The Dutch capital city has a neighbourhood that carries a unique charm — De Pijp. Known for its bustling atmosphere, eclectic boutiques and culinary delights, a day spent here is a day of immersive cultural exploration.

De Pijp Amsterdam: A Vibrant Exploration of Local Treasures and Top Attractions

Begin your journey in De Pijp, Amsterdam's cultural melting pot. De Pijp is a microcosm of the city's rich diversity, with a variety of global cuisines available in the numerous restaurants, charming boutiques, welcoming cafes and dynamic art galleries scattered along its narrow streets. De Pijp's inclusive and eclectic character draws comparisons to the Quartier Latin in Paris, creating a bohemian ambiance that's uniquely its own.

De Pijp Amsterdam

De Pijp - Amsterdam

Fenix Books aka Antiquariaat Fenix

Next stop: Fenix Books, a hidden gem for bibliophiles. Amid its cosy ambiance, you'll find an array of carefully selected titles. The store features an expansive collection of books across genres and different languages. From thought-provoking philosophy books to underground indie novels, each title has been carefully selected to satisfy the most discerning literary palate

Fenix Books Amsterdam

Fenix Books - Amsterdam

Factory Girl

Feeling peckish? Then it's time for a visit to Factory Girl, a trendy café nestled in the heart of De Pijp's hustle and bustle, offers a culinary experience that's as visually appealing as it is delicious. The café prides itself on its vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as imaginative, Instagram-worthy plates. The café's creative, casual ambiance and friendly staff add to the overall dining experience.

Factory Girl Food 1

Factory Girl - Amsterdam

Factory Girl 1

Marbles Vintage

Step back in time at Marbles Vintage, a paradise for vintage lovers. Each item in this store tells a tale of the past, transporting you to a different era. Whether you're looking for a retro bomber jacket, a vintage handbag, or a quirky brooch from the '60s, you're likely to find your perfect piece at Marbles Vintage. This place is a treasure trove for those seeking unique, pre-loved pieces.

Marbles Vintage Amsterdam

Marbles Vintage - Amsterdam

Mud in May

From vintage finds to contemporary design, continue your journey at Mud in May. Here, minimalism meets functionality in a beautiful environment of form and function. From striking light fixtures to innovative furniture pieces, each item reflects the heart of Dutch design philosophy. Mud in May not only showcases aesthetics and craftsmanship but also the importance of creating spaces that are both stylish and comfortable.

Mud in May 1

Mud in May - Amsterdam


Tucked away in De Pijp, Beadazzled stands as an oasis of creativity for craft enthusiasts. This boutique-style shop is filled to the brim with an array of vibrant beads, precious stones, vintage charms, and all manner of jewellery-making materials. The welcoming staff, well-versed in the art of crafting, are ready to lend a helping hand or share creative insights. Indeed, a visit to Beadazzled is an invitation to step into a world where creativity meets charm.

Beadazzled Amsterdam

Bedazzled - Amsterdam

Massimo Gelato

As the day warms, what better way to cool off than with a delightful scoop of Massimo Gelato's famous ice cream? Every flavour, from common stracciatella to unique cucumber-mint, offers a fresh taste that excites your taste buds. Watching the ice cream scooped into a crunchy cone feels like a trip to a sunny Italian square. With simple flavours like vanilla or creative ones like lavender honey, every ice cream fan can find their favourite at Massimo Gelato.

Massimo Gelato

Massimo Gelato - Amsterdam

Massimo Gelato Amsterdam


Recharge your senses at Sarphatipark, a green oasis in the middle of the De Pijp neighbourhood. Winding paths, sparkling ponds, and lush spaces offer the perfect spots to relax. As you sit on a bench under a towering tree, the serenity washes over you, offering a calming contrast to the lively neighbourhood.

Sarphatipark 1

Sarphatipark - Amsterdam

Albert Cuyp Market

No trip to De Pijp is complete without a visit to the Albert Cuyp Market. As the city's most famous open-air market, it's teeming with fresh produce, local delicacies, flowers and much more. Amid the myriad stalls, you'll find the famous 'stroopwafel,' a delicious Dutch delicacy that's a must-try for anyone visiting.

Albert Cuyp Market


Het Paardje

When the day starts winding down, there's no better place to retreat than 'het Paardje.' This traditional Dutch bar offers a relaxed, welcoming environment, an extensive menu of locally brewed beers, and a variety of comfort food that pairs perfectly with your drink. The charm of this place lies in its laid-back atmosphere, reminiscent of an authentic Amsterdam 'brown café.'

Het paardje

het Paardje - Amsterdam

Moco Museum

Finally, end your day at the Moco Museum, a beacon of modern and contemporary art. Housed in a stately villa on Museumplein, the museum showcases iconic works by celebrated modern and contemporary artists and rising stars, such as Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Banksy, Kusama, Vexx, Kaws, Studio Irma and many more. Explore digital immersive art that will stimulate all your senses, and get to know NFT art, as Moco Museum has been the proud host of Europe’s first dedicated exhibition spaces to the NFT phenomenon since 2021.

Taking the artistic experience a step further, the Moco Museum opens its doors to the enchanting Moco Garden, dotted with intriguing outdoor installations that complement the indoor exhibits, and interact with art through the Moco Outside App that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to bring the artworks to life. As a beacon of creativity, the Moco Museum stands as a testament to Amsterdam's vibrant and ever-evolving art scene.

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