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New Exhibition - THE KID: The Future Is Old at Moco Museum


THE KID : The Future Is Old

Mass shooting / Individualistic indifference / Institutionalized racism / Social determinism / Inequality of Opportunity / Ever-threatened civil rights (…)

Does the current state of the broken American dream exemplify where too many of our democracies are heading and where many more are headed in the very near future?  Is history repeating itself? Will youth stand up and say no to a future that looks already old?

Youthful portraits attract visitors with beauty and the perception of a bright future. However, on close examination, cuts and bruises reveal a darker side of reality. THE KID uses art as a means to make us question the notions of power and privilege and more generally the current evolution of humanism in our democratic societies.


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Hyper-realistic, bigger-than-life portraits and life-size sculptures confront the audience with deeply personal stories that expose the injustice in America and beyond in many democracies around the world today and make us question the current evolution of mankind’s history. The socially critical exhibition intends to open up our minds – ultimately, enlightening a more compassionate, understanding world.

THE KID questions how the recent and current social and political history seems to repeat itself in too many countries and the stance today’s youth will decide to take.

Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation!” – Coretta Scott King

THE KID: The Future Is Old at Moco Museum

An American Pastoral. THE KID, 2018-2019. Oil painting and egg tempera on canvas. 281 x 213 x 6 cm. Photo courtesy Studio THE KID ©THE KID-All rights reserved.

About contemporary artist THE KID

Already internationally recognized for his thought-provoking and socially committed body of artworks, THE KID is a natural-born citizen of the world and a self-educated multidisciplinary contemporary artist, who hijacks traditional technics of the old European Masters -drawing, painting and sculpture- to question the social issues facing contemporary youth today and even more tomorrow in our polarized world of the 21st century, such as the social determinism, the ever-threatened civil rights, the inequality of opportunity or the thin frontier between innocence and corruption for today’s youth. When asked about his work THE KID likes to underline his exceptional body of works with the famous words of the great 20th century Master Picasso: “Art is not made to decorate apartments, it is an offensive and defensive weapon of war against the enemy”.

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