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Diamond Matrix in Reflecting Forward at Moco Museum

Studio Irma

Reflecting Forward by Studio Irma

Normally, we reflect backward in time. For this reason,  Studio Irma x Moco Museum launches a new conscious way of living – Reflecting Forward. It’s a Digital Immersive Art exhibition that shows endless connections to reveal what the future can look like. Connect, get your tickets HERE and reflect toward the future! 

Connectivism stresses that internet technologies like web browsers, search engines, and social media contribute to new ways of understanding and learning in our digital age. – Studio Irma

Collaborate for Change

Studio Irma x Moco introduces Connectivism as a new art movement. Through compassion and empathy, we arrive at a shared understanding. So, in our collective choice to experience this digital immersive art exhibition, we are Reflecting Forward in search of Connectivism.



Moco not only supports but champions women in the arts. In fact, 2020 is the Year of the Woman! You might be wondering: who is Studio Irma? In short, she’s a Contemporary Dutch artist, Gerrit Rietveld Alum, Mother, Partner, Friend, Wonder Woman, former artist in residence at Moco, and now, the mastermind behind Reflecting Forward. In her life and art, Studio Irma explores how digital technologies can connect us in new ways. For example, past works The Gatekeepers at Amsterdam Light Festival and I’m deforming at the Nieuw Dakota.


Studio Irma in the Diamond Matrix
Studio Irma by Carli Hermès

Reflecting Forward

This time, Irma has removed all cultural filters in her solo show. At last, she creates an all-accepting place and experience, where space, people, and modern technology blend in harmony. Reflecting Forward includes different installation art rooms designed and created by the artist:
We All Live in Bubbles
Diamond Matrix
Connect The Dots & Universe


Kaleidoscope Room in Reflecting Forward

Studio Irma Philosophy

The contemporary artist wishes to celebrate our connections. For instance, we all live in bubbles – a unique universe of information. Subconsciously, our bubble is formed by society, specific tastes, and shared ideas. But inside that bubble, how do we grow? 

“When you think of hiding, it’s time to POP!” – Studio Irma

Moco Members

You are Invited 

Finally, to summarize the essence of Reflecting Forwardin the artist’s words:  

“Art is like a bonfire. It is where the storytelling begins – projections, feelings, conversations, connections. We sing together. We dance together. The bonfire is a movement and an artwork. You are invited.” – Studio Irma


Diamond Matrix

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