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Guillermo Lorca

Esplendor de la Noche

Current / Ongoing

Moco Museum Barcelona proudly presents Esplendor de la Noche by Guillermo Lorca, the first European solo show from the contemporary Chilean artist. Curated by Simon de Pury, legendary auctioneer, art dealer, and one of the leading figures in the art world.

Giant yellow-eyed cats, angelic girls, and unknown creatures make up the haunting and delicate world of Guillermo Lorca. Mixing magic and realism, the young Chilean artist creates large-scale oil paintings, loaded with surreal narratives and dreamlike sequences. Within each of his drama-filled scenes, there is a dark balance of power and competition between nature and humankind. Beauty, horror, desire, fear, luxury, paranoia, and pleasure make up Esplendor de la Noche by Guillermo Lorca.
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