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Moco Museum remains dedicated to exhibiting a diverse and inspiring collection of modern, contemporary, and unique street art pieces to the broadest possible audience.

In Barcelona, Moco Museum curates exhibitions with Moco Members in our hearts – a community of challenging and questioning minds. Moco Museum Barcelona aims to connect visitors with art and the messages behind them. Book your tickets here!

“We use the inclusive museum model to create accessible shows that enlighten, inspire, and empower our community.”

Moco Masters – Modern

Moco Masters stand out for their exceptional contribution to art, culture, and society. Inspired by the past, yet grounded in the present, they create art that evokes the future. As visionaries, they occupy the frontlines.

Each master is celebrated for having a unique vision. Daring to change our world, they create work that becomes timeless. These heavy hitters embrace the voice of the streets and champion our questioning minds with iconic images that are easy to relate to. Anywhere you turn, there’s no going around them. They have shaped our collective consciousness – their names, art, and ideas are integrated into our everyday lives. Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dalí, Damien Hirst, Keith Haring, KAWS, Yayoi Kusama, the list goes on. All Icons. The Moco Masters have inspired countless generations and united art lovers around the world.

Moco Masters – Contemporary

Moco Contemporary artists are the next generation of masters, making their mark now. David LaChapelle, Hayden Kays, Harland Miller, Julian Opie, Nick Thomm, Takashi Murakami & More.

In a fast-paced, anxious world, it’s hard to define what’s the truth. Moco Contemporary artists challenge the norm and move us to self-reflect and question the world around us. Beyond the now, they are the modern voices of tomorrow, the ones about to inspire the next generation. Their art engages our inner activist, activates our experience, and empowers us to lead with love. Moco Contemporary artists impact our surroundings, from politics and the environment to society and pop culture – they’re not just joining the game, they’re changing it.


Not authorized by Banksy, nor was it curated in collaboration with the artist – it is an homage to one of the greatest artists of our time.

Moco Museum features a diverse selection of works throughout his noteworthy career. All exhibited works have been provided with a certificate of authenticity from Pest Control – the only official entity that verifies the artist’s works. Experience the allure of Girl with Balloon, a street art icon. Study prime examples from the Crude Oils series that expose the artist’s secret knowledge of art history. Explore the critical mirror he holds up to modern society as monkeys, rats, police, and elements of surveillance entice us all to reflect.

Digital immersive art: teamLab, Les Fantômes & Studio Irma

Exhibition spaces by teamLab, Les Fantômes, and Studio Irma explore the endless possibilities of digital art.

Digital skills and immersive experience technology develop at lightning speed. New worlds emerge that engage us and transport us, leave an unforgettable impression on us. The world public has embraced this new art medium as it supports new ways of connection. Moco Museum supports this immersive approach to create multisensory environments that elevate and empower your museum experience.


Europe’s first dedicated exhibition space to the NFT phenomenon. Moco Museum brings together a selection of NFTs from the art world’s most pioneering digital artists. These rare and unique works express the future of digital art.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are crypto-assets that record the ownership of digital items. In detail, they are unique and rare items that cannot be easily reproduced. Even though anyone can view or download them, only the buyer can claim ownership. NFTs have changed the way we buy and sell, and now, it’s the future of digital art! So, when it comes to what can be created and sold as an NFT…the limit does not exist.

Guillermo Lorca – Esplendor de la Noche

Moco Museum Barcelona proudly presents Esplendor de la Noche by Guillermo Lorca, the first European solo show from the contemporary Chilean artist. Curated by Simon de Pury, legendary auctioneer, art dealer, and one of the leading figures in the art world.

Giant yellow-eyed cats, angelic girls, and unknown creatures make up the haunting and delicate world of Guillermo Lorca. Mixing magic and realism, the young Chilean artist creates large-scale oil paintings, loaded with surreal narratives and dreamlike sequences. Within each of his drama-filled scenes, there is a dark balance of power and competition between nature and humankind. Beauty, horror, desire, fear, luxury, paranoia, and pleasure make up Esplendor de la Noche.

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