Icy & Sot, A Moment of Clarity, Street Art

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The fact that the young Iranian brothers Icy (34) and Sot (29) are called the ‘Banksy of Iran’ is not without reason. In their own country, their work, which holds a mirror to contemporary Iranian society, is considered so controversial that it’s been banned. Their art offers an idiosyncratic perspective on themes like oppression, fame, freedom, war and dreams. The brothers’ talent has not gone unnoticed: Icy and Sot’s work has found its way from the streets of Tabriz to the galleries of New York, as have the brothers themselves.

After their move, the New York art scene welcomed the Iranian duo with open arms and rave reviews. They were an overnight success, but not without sacrifice: by embracing their success in America, returning to their native country became impossible.

We now know that Icy and Sot did not give up their future in their native country in vain. The brothers currently have several exhibitions in New York and are working hard to build on their international success. Just recently, in February last year, the two courted controversy with a playful protest on Wall Street: by placing a gigantic crumpled dollar bill in the middle of New York’s financial district, the two called attention to the greed of Big Business and the volatility of capitalism.

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