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Studio Irma

Studio Irma Bio

Contemporary Dutch artist Studio Irma (Irma de Vries) builds digital immersive art experiences, exhibitions, and spaces. With a devoted multi-disciplinary team, they combine augmented reality, videomapping, sculpture, painting, computer animation, and digital techniques to imagine the unforgettable. Studio Irma graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy for Video Art. 

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Studio Irma is a revolutionary dreamer who engages digital technologies to connect humanity. Through space, color, technology, movement, and YOU (the active participant), Studio Irma’s immersive experiences reveal a more hopeful and connected future. The artist invites you to take a step into a new world of possibilities.

“When you think of hiding, it’s time to POP!” – Studio Irma

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Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism 

At Moco Museum in Amsterdam, Studio Irma’s show Reflecting Forward celebrates the endless, possible connections waiting to be made. Join the vision of our future in this digital immersive art exhibition – Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism.

Diamond Matrix

As humans, we undergo great pressures. Yet socially, failing is not accepted. Diamonds, made of carbon, go through incredible stress, to emerge as shining jewels, and one of the strongest materials on earth. So can you. This installation of hundreds of light-up diamonds expresses that we participate in a bigger picture, sharing more similarities than differences. Life is messy and hard, but it makes us stronger.

Who are the diamonds in your life?


Around the planet, the kaleidoscope is a toy with a wonderful lens and no cultural filter. A treasured toy that encourages you to look into a world of patterns and imagination. Studio Irma likes to play with contrast, both big and small, zooming in and out. No longer are we a spectator, but an inhabitant. This transportive installation takes us back to a place of curiosity, to imagine and wonder about endless possibilities.

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Every bubble is its own unique universe of information – formed by society, specific tastes, and shared ideas. By surrounding yourself with what you know – creating patterns and routines – you live in a comfort zone. But in order to connect – shall we dance from bubble to bubble?

Connect the Dots & Universe

In the galaxy, everything is made up of the same particle matter. This installation is a cosmic dance. A couple of constellations move in harmony through the starry sky, and they’re connected. As part of a fundamental system, we are all invited to join the dots.

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Moco Outside App

Moco’s mission is to share the latest developments and innovations in art. Introducing the Moco Outside App! In detail, Moco Outside is an Immersive VR Experience OUTSIDE. Successfully, Moco Museum and Studio Irma create the World’s First Digital Open Air Museum! The FREE augmented reality app puts the power in your hands, to discover digital art on Museumplein in Amsterdam. The time has come, for us to move toward a kinder and brighter future. 

Diamond Matrix on Museumplein by Moco Outside

The immersive exhibition takes inspiration from Studio Irma’s digital immersive art exhibition Reflecting Forward inside Moco Museum. What’s inside can be brought outside. Discover digital art outside as we safely and collectively come together, and begin Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism.

“Art is like a bonfire. It is where the storytelling begins: projections, feelings, conversations, connections. We sing together. We dance together. The bonfire is a movement and an artwork. You are invited.” – Studio Irma 

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